Judging Power

Andrew Bithray, a Partner from WSM Partners and one of the judges on the panel, offers his advice and explains the benefits of applying for the Merton Best Business Awards.

Andrew says: "Make sure you give yourselves enough time! So often people leave it to the last minute which can lead to a rushed application.”

His top tips include

  • Make sure your entry fulfils all the requirements.
  • Get someone to proof-read your work and check spelling and grammar.
  • Make sure that any evidence such as financial statements or testimonials are attached.

The benefits of applying:  

  • The opportunity for business owners and managers to review the company in its entirety and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Highlighting where the business excels.
  • Being able to take a step back and take a good look at how the business runs.
  • The possibility that you might win!

While the best way to discover the top ways in which to impress the judges is to hear it from them in person at Wimbledon next week, there is still plenty of guidance over on the website to help you through the application process.

Another judge, Helen Clark Bell from Love Wimbledon has some sound advice, which echoes the above: “Recognising the strengths of your business is sometimes only achieved by stepping back and completing an entry form such as this, to acknowledge achievements and taking a moment to feel proud… Before the next email requires an urgent response!"

By completing a Merton Best Business application, it really gives you the impetus to analyse your business from a different perspective - which is an essential tool if you want to be able to implement changes for the better.

• Excite the judge, tell a story. Your business is personal to you and we want to hear your passion.
• There are no negatives in entering. Even if you don’t reach the finals, there will be a lot to learn from the experience. The results can help your business’s future, and maybe win the award the following year.
• Be creative. However, always keep in mind that whatever you do to impress the judges must relate to your business.
• Get someone who doesn’t know your business to check your entry form. Fresh eyes always see more.

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