Why You Should Enter

Maximise visibility of your brandWinning a Merton Best Business Award can open doors to a host of wonderful opportunities, so take advantage of this exposure and promote your business to new and existing clients.  

Your business will be in the spotlight for all the right reasons and might generate significant publicity across local and national press and social media. With the awards process running across a number of months, you’ll have a constant source of traffic to your website and social pages. We all like to do business with people that we trust:, winning an award or being a finalist serves as a credible endorsement for your organisation and your brand.

Get social and use those networking skillsThe Merton Best Business Awards launch event in September is a great opportunity to meet like-minded business people, get advice from the judging panel and be inspired by past winners. We hope that it will also give you the chance to get sociable again and work on your networking skills with leaders in the community. The awards attract similar businesses and are an excellent opportunity to network and forge new relationships, so take plenty of business cards.  

If you’re a winner, use the limelight constructively and spread the word about your company. There won’t be many better chances to expand your network than these awards.

Boost staff morale and attract new talentThese awards are a fantastic way to recognise the hard work of your employees. Even if you’re not shortlisted or don't quite clinch a trophy, just entering will go some way to letting your employees know you value their work, which can be a huge confidence boost. We know that employee morale has been significantly impacted by the pandemic, so use the awards process as part of your mission to restore their smiles!

Stand out from the competitionAwards are a fantastic way of bench marking your business against others. By carefully selecting the category you can create a niche to make you stand out from your competitors. Whether you’re going the extra mile, offering the best customer service or working with an outstanding apprentice, show how you are making a difference and ensure there is something that makes your customers pick you over other businesses in your sector. Winning a business award will differentiate you from your competitors, and can provide a real competitive advantage when seeking or retaining customers, or speaking to suppliers.

Celebrate company successes and analyse your projects and modelThe Merton Best Business Awards can be valuable if you treat them as an opportunity for self-reflection, focusing on your achievements and analysing current projects and your business plan. Even if you don’t win, it opens doors for people to ask why – and to look at ways of improving practices based on competitor performance. Winning an award will add value to the work being done in your business and is a great indication you’re moving in the right direction. If you don’t win…use the experience to consider what you could be doing better and identify how to do this.

Whether your business is new or long-standing there are award opportunities for all. Applications will open later in the year. Until then, you can register your interest here.

Events and Key Dates

This section will re-open when we have the schedule of events and key dates for the 2021 Awards.

2019 Highlights

The red carpet was rolled out for the seventh Merton Best Business Awards and it was yet again another outstanding night celebrating the top businesses and entrepreneurs in the borough.