Shouting about our new award categories

The Merton Best Business Awards are all about recognising local businesses and entrepreneurs who are bucking the trend and proving that even in a difficult economic climate, there are those who can grow and continue to sustain a thriving presence in the community. Which is why we also must move with the times and introduce new categories to reflect all the above.

We realise here at Merton Chamber of Commerce that change is a good thing, which is why this year we have included five new important awards that will reward those who haven’t had a chance to apply in the past.

Diana Sterck, CEO of the Merton Chambers of Commerce says: “We’ve introduced new categories that are topical and really relevant to the word of business. We also want large businesses to connect to us as a local community because they account for 30% of all jobs in Merton.”

The new categories are:

Best Small Business
Small businesses can be just as impactful as their larger counterparts. This award will go to the business that can show outstanding initiative, boldness and imagination, as well as sound management practices. This is aimed at businesses with under 20 employees - and we want to shine the spotlight on you guys making a difference.  

Best Medium Sized Business
Do you have a business that has up to 100 employees? This is the award for you then - which will showcase all you’ve done to build your business and make it a success. It’s hard sometimes to be stuck in the middle - but how have you made your business grow despite its obstacles?  

Best Large Business
When you have over 250 employees a whole host of new challenges arise - but it’s how leaders cope with this that makes the business stand out from the crowd. Big businesses - we now have a category for you, too. And even though you may be a global, international or UK-wide business, the fact that you’re helping with local recruitment can only be a positive thing. Tell us your story…

Positive Workplace
A happy workplace is somewhere for people to thrive. We wanted to give a shout out to those businesses who are going above and beyond to ensure their employees experience a culture that provides a workplace that supports wellbeing and the environment. How is your business looking after employees - and their mental health? Do you have initiatives that go in some way to help reduce plastics use or to help tackle climate change?  

Top Woman in Business
It’s a sad fact that women are under-represented in leadership roles and are often outnumbered at board and senior management level. This award looks to celebrate women who have made it to the top and who are making an impact and paving the way for other women to follow. Perhaps you know of a woman who has been a positive and inspiring influence in helping to close the gender gap. We’d love to hear from you.