The Telecoms Industry Today

As sponsors, again, at this year’s Merton Best Business Awards, we invited qudo to provide some insight into their latest recruit and his thoughts on where the telecoms industry is today and where it’s going.

Seamus Murphy is an experienced business communications consultant and adviser and in his previous role Seamus worked closely with the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, running technology workshops for their members.

Seamus says:

“For some years now I’ve been of the belief that the sales process that I grew up with, no longer exists. With cloud communications, it is very much more a partnership between the management team of an organisation and myself, as a technology expert. I made the choice to join qudo as it’s the first organisation I’ve come across that has that principle at its core.

One really simple question that elicits very different answers is “What is cloud?”. Some see it as a location for servers’ applications, some see it as the way a premise is connected to the outside world. But for us, there is a simple answer - it is a method of consumption. By that I mean services and applications are on short contracts, most probably 30 days, and as such, business owners can adopt technology to try and produce a positive business outcome, supported by suppliers with a broad portfolio of potential options.

If the application delivers a result, it will be retained. However, if it fails to deliver the result it can be removed and potentially replaced by an alternative option. In this way, we can remove the risk of adoption from the customer. In fact, we place it on the shoulders of our consultants, who are working with the customer in a continuous cycle of productivity enhancement.

As well as being at the cutting edge of communication innovations, he can also cut a rug better than most men can dream of. Seamus has had a long-standing interest in 1950’s music, culture and dance. He first met his wife in Croydon, in his teens, through the music.

In joining us, his career and social life have come full circle. When talking about fitness he says: “Keep your Tough Mudders, I’d rather do the Jive”.