Top Ten Tips

As we gear up to awards season, it’s time to start thinking about how to stand out when applying.

Ever wondered why you should enter your company into an award? There are few key reasons you may want to apply:

1. Prestige in your industry

2. Brand awareness

3. Meeting point for potential leads

4. Free press from across media

5. Morale impact on the teams highlighted for the award and pride of staff in entire company

6. Being able to treat clients to night out and show them the importance of their business

If you've ever felt apprehensive about entering an award based on the size of your company then start changing your views now! Judges aren’t looking at your company, they want to know that the work you’ve put forward has made an impact on your customers lives.

So how you do best write an application?

1. Pay attention to your word count. Our application process has a limit and won't let you write more than the allotted space given. When it comes to being choosy, word count is a deciding factor.  

2.  Spelling errors. Basic spelling errors can also lead to judges penalising your score and put you at risk of looking unprofessional.

3.  Ask the teams involved in the award about their experience with the examples you’ve posted. Testimonials really show the passion of your team. When a judge looks through 100’s of entries, the ones with passion really shine through.

4. Plan ahead EARLY. A judge can sniff out a last minute award application. You don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

5.  Don’t become complacent if applying for the same award as the year before.

6. Add supporting material. Of course,there are boxes to fill but you can add supporting material to help your case even more. Judges don’t have a lot of time to review the materials, so make sure the supporting material is relevant and the file size is reasonable.  

7. Testimonials are also key support materials. These came come in the shape of quotes, videos or social media screenshots. If you have a client who is loud on social media about the work you’ve done, then don’t let that go to waste.

8. Style is something else to think about because judges don’t want to see the same layouts and pdfs. Getting graphic together and having a set style to your presentation and supporting materials can really help you stand out. Don’t fall into the trap of style over substance though! Keep to the brief and show your individuality through colours and style.

9. Facts and metrics to support your application are just as crucial. It’s tempting to embellish stats, but this could be to your own detriment. If there is a dip the next year, your embellished stats could be to your own detriment. So, keep your integrity and collect the stats that prove your case.

10. There is no shame in employing external companies to help you with the process. In fact, if you’re a small company and need some guidance or have very little time on your hands, there are many companies out there with years of experience to help you and show you awards you’ve never even thought to apply to.

Following these tips should put you on the right path when you begin the process of applying for the Merton Best Business Awards. Remember that you’re not submitting a corporate brochure; have fun and show your company’s pride and include your hard working staff in the process.

Good luck!

Blog by MBBA Gold Sponsors, Qudo for the Innovative use of Technology award