What’s in it for me?

There are so many positive reasons why winning an award is good for business. Below, Hartley Fowler share some of their top reasons why you should apply!  

Business Appraisal

Going through the application process can provide you with the opportunity to take a close look at all facts of your business.

Bench marking

Likewise, the judging process can be used to benchmark yourself against other firms and if they are entering the same category as you, they are likely to be a similar size and in a similar market sector.

Public Relations

Obviously winning an award can generate great amounts of publicity but just being a finalist or runner up can give you good coverage. Taking part in the awards also gives you the opportunity to build engagement in social media. Announcements of nominations followed by messages of good luck to other contestants and generally looking forward to the awards posts will be received well by the organisers and other companies attending the awards.


Entering awards and winning can serve as a great pat on the back to employees. It gives recognition to their contribution and helps build a sense of pride.


If you are seeking investment, demonstrating that you have received recognition as the best or most promising firm in your field can really help your case. It may also help to attract to quality candidates when recruiting.

Well, let’s hope these reasons get you excited about applying.

Thanks again to Hartley Fowler and Consortium Business Solutions for sharing their reasons why you should apply. Click here to apply if this has got you buzzing and excited about the awards.